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14 | Custodian | Facilities
Title:14 | Custodian | Facilities
Department:Maintenance & Facilities

AQz1Eh8gTybGAAAAAElFTkSuQmCCThe Ware County Human Resources Department's mission is to afford high quality, cost-effective personnel management, training, administration and services for all departments without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation, in accordance with applicable laws, personnel regulations and county policies and procedures. The Department achieves this by serving as a strategic player with department personnel and providing quality leadership, technical assistance and accurate information. Continuous focus on process improvement helps us to realize our mission goals. The Human Resources staff models respectful and ethical behavior, provides a welcoming and positive work environment, encourages diversity, and creates value-added training and professional development opportunities, while applying adaptive innovations as the needs of our workforce change.

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Account #: 128174
Authorization Date: June 17, 2008

POSITION TITLE:     Custodian (Housekeeper)                                                    DRUG FREE WORKPLACE
POSITION CODE:     14CUST                                                                      EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER
APPROVED DATE:   November 1995 | CVIOG/UGA
Purpose of Job| This position is responsible for performing a variety of custodial duties..

Minimum Qualifications
•     No educational requirements.
•     No experience requirements.

Major Duties
•     Cleans restrooms, including cleaning and sanitizing fixtures, replacing soap and paper
products, and emptying trash cans.
•     Cleans water fountains, tables, desks, counters, and conference rooms.
•     Cleans hallways and offices, including dusting and mopping floors or vacuuming carpets.
•     Cleans stairways, including sweeping and dusting floors and railings.
•     Washes windows, cleans woodwork, and washes walls.
•     Dusts and polishes furniture and fixtures; dusts blinds and window sills.
•     Monitors areas around entrance ways and grounds, picks up debris, and empties ashtrays.
•     Assists with maintaining an adequate inventory of cleaning supplies.
•     Performs other related duties as assigned.

•     Knowledge of county safety policies and procedures.
•     Knowledge of various cleaning chemicals.
•     Skill in operating such cleaning equipment as a vacuum cleaner and various hand tools.
•     Skill in following instructions.

The Building Maintenance Superintendent or Building Maintenance Supervisor assigns work in terms of
specific instructions. Completed work is reviewed for compliance with instructions and the nature
and propriety of the final results.

Guidelines include county safety policies and procedures, supervisory instructions, and standing or
special work orders. These guidelines are clear and specific.

The work consists of directly related tasks in cleaning county buildings.

The purpose of this position is to perform custodial tasks. Successful performance enhances the
image of the county government.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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